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This blog came from Angelique's experience as the creator and face of The Healer's Way, one of the pioneer websites for Mind Valley,  The focus was on "energy healing" which is what Vishen Lakiani, founder of Mind Valley, wanted. But Angelique told Vishen, we are electrical beings and energy healing isn't limited to Reiki or Qi-gong masters but food, thought and action. Everything is energy. 

The site focused on all things mind, body and soul and featured such notables as David Wolfe, superfood guru and Longevity Now founder, to Byron Katie, one of the top self-help authors and speakers.


Angelique wanted to share her experiences of what she'd learned by living and eating a conscious lifestyle, Vishen believed she was an expert. Another factor was her age.  No one ever believed her. She knew she was lucky to have good genes. but at 54, no one ever guessed and were always in disbelief. She knew it had more to do with her lifestyle and philosophy. No one ever believed her age then or today. 

From a young age Angelique was meditating, eating a vegan organic diet and doing yoga. She spent her life traveling the world as an International DJ and musician. Music was an important part of her spiritual path, she believed music was medicine. She played guitar and sang but was always playing any instrument she could get her hands on. Her band The Indians had success on the radio and the title track for Brad Pitt's break out film, Kalifornia. The band also had two songs on the GenX hit, Reality Bites. Later she made a solo album managed by Curt Smith from Tears for Fears. The album featured Alanis Morrisette's band and musicians who played with Seal. Several songs were placed in film and TV: Baywatch and The Crow, But the label went bankrupt the day the album was to be released.

Today as the world seems to be in more peril than ever, her mission is clear. It's no coincidence that her passion for music and healing came together full circle.

To spread a message of peace and love through music, meditation and yoga.

After living in Ibiza for 5 years, making music, spreading vegan-ism and getting certified in several healing modalities she moved back to Los Angeles. She started The Healer's Way and did 400 hours of yoga teacher training.

When she discovered yoga nidra, she was blown away by the incredible experience, She'd always been drawn to the crystal singing bowls and knew she could create an incredible experience combining the two healing modalities.

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